The FairMoney™ Promise

Our Mission

At FairMoney™ we believe that customers deserve a better loan comparison experience. Too many people can’t find the best loans available for their circumstances, particularly borrowers with a poor credit history. So we promise to find the best loan for you – whatever your credit rating.

We’ll do that by making FairMoney™ the leading comparison website for all loan products. We are unique in the market because we service all customers, from those with the very best credit profiles to those with the poorest credit histories.

To make sure you get the deal that’s right for you, we promise we will only show you lenders we consider to be responsible and fair providers.
And to help get the best rates and terms in the future, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to understand your credit rating and learn how to improve it.

So you can relax. Whatever your situation, we’ll find you the loan that suits you best.


Individual circumstances

We try to present customers with financial products that are relevant to both their current and historical financial situations and circumstances, and that are at the same time designed around each customer’s immediate and long term needs.

  1. Our customers come first, so we will always aim to provide loan products that accurately match the customer’s financial circumstances.
  2. We take care to update all lenders’ rates and terms in real time, so you can be sure they are as accurate and fair as possible.
  3. Our systems are based around our customer’s needs. What is important to our customers is also important to us, so our Smart Search facility will not affect your credit score, even if used multiple times.
  4. We will only present you with lenders that we believe to be responsible. It is very important to us that all lenders treat customers fairly and act with integrity and in the best interest of our customers.

What to expect from our lenders

We strive to ensure that all loans presented and compared throughout FairMoney™ are offered by firms that are professional, fair and ethical and act in the customers’ best interests at all times. We expect our lenders to adhere to the following:

  1. To comply with all current legislation and guidelines of all relevant regulatory authorities and to deal with all regulators and authorities and consumer protection bodies in an open and cooperative manner.
  2. To always act with integrity, making sure that Treating Customers Fairly is at the forefront of all current and future product offerings, policies and procedures.
  3. To offer products that are as relevant as practicable to each customer’s present circumstances and anticipated future financial needs. All products must be offered only if a lender is satisfied that the customer has the ability and means to service the required monthly repayments.
  4. To offer confidential protection to each customer of their personal information.
  5. To train their staff to a high standard of responsibility for customer service and care.
  6. To offer Products with maximum transparency, in order that customers understand all relevant Key Features (including any possible default charges and/or the consequence of late or defaulted payments).

If you have a query or complaint in relation to any of the lenders who appear on you can contact the FairMoney Team by emailing us at