Why FairMoney™

The sad fact is that, the more money you have, the cheaper it is to borrow more. So, if you’re in a vulnerable financial state, it’s going to be expensive to get a loan for even the smallest amount, especially if you need the cash quickly.

That’s the idea behind fairmoney.com the newest loans comparison website, designed for everybody but especially for people having a hard time getting the loans they need.

Everyone knows it’s difficult to get a good loan for bad credit, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a fair loan.

That’s what loan comparison websites are for – to help people find the best deal by providing the most comprehensive information available on what deals are out there.

But we’re not convinced that’s happening with all the comparison websites we’ve looked at.

Some comparison results seem strange to us. Are they showing the best deals for the customers or merely highlighting the lenders that pay them the best commission? Referring to energy suppliers The Times 25th October 2014 stated:

“The bad news is that you cannot take a comparison site’s results on face value because by default they favour those tariffs that earn them commission.”

It will thus not surprise readers that some loan comparison websites also present their deals according to which lenders pay them the most to advertise, not what is best for the customers.


That’s not us at fairmoney.com.

We don’t think that’s right, especially when things are tight for so many people.

We think the best way to make the market work for the most vulnerable, for people with poor credit ratings, or the most desperate need for quick money, is to search and present the widest selection of responsible lenders and then rank and show them fairly.

And, if we think the loan rates aren’t fair, we won’t put them on our site. That’s why we’ve drawn up our FairMoney™ promise to you.

Why Fair?

As government regulation tightens up after the credit crunch and banking crisis, you’re going to hear a lot more these days about fairness and business. TCF – Treating Customers Fairly.

We don’t think it’s complicated.

To treat people fairly in business means to act without cheating or trying to achieve an unjust advantage. It means to be honest, trustworthy and decent. Transparent, clear and informative. Lenders need to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. These are all things you should expect.

It’s not what happened prior to the banking crisis in 2007.

That crisis left a lot of people without access to the credit they needed to get by. Even still today. And that’s proved a very profitable business for some lenders.

A lot of people borrowed money at extremely high rates without proper checks on how they were going to pay it back. And then they were charged a lot more for the privilege of being poor and not being able to pay their debts.

That’s meant escalating debt for countless people who could least afford it.

There’s been a growing campaign for fairer finance because of these practices and we’re part of it. That’s why FairMoney™ founder Dr Roger Gewolb started lobbying the government, regulators and the financial services industry for better standards and found large, expert technology and internet partners to create this new, fair loans comparison website – fairmoney.com.

We’re part of a large movement in business that is seeking to redress the balance between business and society.

That means businesses making sure that we consider the social impact of our decisions – not just the best way to make a quick buck.

That’s something you should expect from any business. It’s certainly what you can expect from every one of us at FairMoney™.