What is FairMoney™

FairMoney™ is a brand new loans comparison website. We treat each customer as fairly as we possibly can in finding them the right loan for their circumstances. Please click on and read our FairMoney™ Promise which states “we believe that customers deserve a fairer, better loan comparison experience”.

What types of Loan products are available on FairMoney™?

The large FairMoney™ Panel of lenders offers the following products (To read more information about each product, please click on the specific product below):

How much should I apply to borrow?

When applying for a loan, you should ask yourself at least these three questions:

  1. What do I need this loan for?
  2. How much do I really need to borrow right now?
  3. Can I afford the repayments?

Think carefully as to whether you first of all need the loan, and how much, before applying for any type of finance. Also, make sure that the repayments of this new loan that you will be required to make fit in comfortably with your monthly income less all expenditure, making sure that you really can afford the repayments before going ahead, and allowing for unforeseen circumstances.

Will my Credit Record be affected when using FairMoney™?

Comparing loans using our Smart Search Technology will not affect your credit record/profile. By using our SMART Search Technology, you can be confident that you will be presented with loan products that best match your credit profile. This means that you are more likely to be approved by the lenders presented to you. However, applying directly to multiple lenders could adversely affect your credit score and profile, as each individual lender will normally need to carry out a full credit search against you.

What is the best way to compare loans?

Whether you use our Smart Search Technology or apply for loans directly, our loan tables are presented to you in the order of the Annual Percentage Rate of interest payable on the loans (APR), with the cheapest (lowest APR) loan option being at the very top of each table and then descending as the interest cost of each lender increases. We NEVER rank lenders by what they bid to pay us to advertise; every lender pays the same fees to us as all other lenders in that category pay us to advertise. You should also look at the different types of loan products available to you, and the individual Terms & Conditions for each product. On FairMoney™, this type of additional information can easily and quickly be found under the “More Details” tab on each of our loan tables.