Britons Personal Finances And The Upcoming General Election

Will the 14 million Britons in poverty continue to be neglected throughout the general election campaign? unveil that 10.5 million Britons have entered their worst financial position ever since the EU referendum

“There are millions of Britons are depending on this election” – Dr Roger Gewolb, the Founder and Executive Chairman of

The calling of a general election on December 12th will provide the electorate with an opportunity to change the face of a parliament that leading Government ministers are calling “dead”. There are however, more poignant stakes at play, outside of resolving the shape of parliament., the UK’s leading fair loan price comparison site over the past year has conducted research into the personal finances of Britons, finding that many Britons in the three years after the Brexit referendum are in their worst position yet.’s nationally representative research found that 10.5 million Britons were indeed in their worst ever financial position. As political chaos has ensued between the rival factions in Westminster over the past three years, economic stagnation and the neglect of domestic affairs has had a shocking effect on the British population. It is hoped that with a new general election on the horizon, a new parliament will present the opportunity for a Brexit resolution to be found, and cease the political limbo that is so dearly harming the personal finances of Britons.

Unveiling the trends of personla finance since the Brexit referendum in 2016, research from has shown the following:

  • A fifth of Brits – 10.5 million – believe that they are in the worst financial position that they have ever been in
  • Over half of Brits – 53% – said that their average disposable income per week is less than £0
  • One in five women in Britain feel that their mental or physical health has suffered as a result of financial stress
  • Over an eighth of Brits -15%- believe that financial issues have caused strain in their marriages or relationships

Dr Roger Gewolb, Founder and Executive Chairman of, discusses the need for a new parliament to form and for a decisive Brexit resolution to be found.

“The will of our people, the vote of our democracy, was made clear three years ago, albeit by a thin majority. Since then, our predominantly ‘Remainer’ politicians have to varying degrees not carried this requirement of the people forward effectively. Now, we have an opportunity to reshape parliament, offering the people the chance to elect a parliament that truly represents the sentiments and will of the population.

The political infighting of the previous three years has done nothing for the 14 million Britons who live in poverty, nor for the 10.5 million Britons who cite that they are in the worst financial position of their lives. The importance of this election cannot be underestimated. There are quite literally millions of Britons who are depending on this election to deliver a parliament that will be united.

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