'Unacceptable' situation as poverty in the North East rises by 25%, according to new survey

With new Prime Minister Boris Johnson introducing a number of new spending initiatives, loan comparison website FairMoney.com conducted a national survey to explore the impact of poverty.

It found the rate of poverty in the North East has risen to 25% – with child poverty rising to 37%.It also found 20% of people have have experienced issues with their mental and or physical health as a result of financial stress and 26% would hide the reality of their financial situation from friends and family if they were struggling with money.

Dr Roger Gewolb, executive chairman and Founder of Fairmoney.com said: "Within the UK, levels of poverty are unacceptable for a developed nation, and more needs to be done to ensure that those who need access to finance are not crippled by debt from unscrupulous lenders.”

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