Discussing P2P lending’s wafer-thin margins

In recent months, the reputation of the p2p lending market has soured and the recent collapse of several p2p lenders has highlighted the fragility of the industry.

Experts are now predicting that as many as 12 P2P lending platforms will collapse within the year, as the entire sector faces structural issues. The margins available to platform operators are razor-thin, with some platforms having to lower their interest rates and credit standards.

Dr Roger Gewolb, the Executive Chairman of FairMoney, provides commentary:

"I predict further spectacular crashes, even among the larger players, unless better regulation comes in. These firms are still going to be regulated as if their customers are investors, not depositors, and nobody is really inspecting the books. The cowboys have been left in charge of the ranch."

If you are interested and would like to read the full article, you can find it here: https://fairmoney.com/node/196