Brexit hits British energy bills

Trade association Energy UK declared that a staggering 450,000 more energy customers switched supplier in February, meaning that 835,642 households have swapped in the first two months of 2019 (up 2% from the corresponding period last year).

The number of switchers has risen year after year, from 3.2m in 2014 to a record 5.88m last year, and things look set for another all-time high to be hit in 2019. It’s much easier and more fashionable to switch energy provider than ever before, thanks in no small part to the raft of price comparison websites out there, whilst the financial pressures created by Brexit mean that many will have no alternative than to change to a cheaper independent supplier in the months ahead.

This scenario was highlighted by fresh data from loans comparison site FairMoney which showed that a whopping 53% of citizens say that their average disposable income per week is less than zero.  And the strain is only likely to increase as the UK embarks on its economically-damaging Brexit odyssey.

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