More than 10 million Brits are in their worst financial position ever

A survey from FairMoney found that about 22 million (43%) Brits don’t understand how Brexit will affect their household bills, despite almost the same amount of people (42%) saying they would care a lot more about negotiations if it did affect them.

In this case, women are more confused than men, with 46% saying they don’t know how Brexit will affect their bills, and 43% saying they would care more about Brexit if they did. This is compared to 39% and 41% of men, respectively.

It is clear that individuals in the UK think the cost of many of their regular expenditures will increase after Brexit. Almost three in five (59%) Brits said they believe Brexit will increase the price of food and produce in supermarkets. Almost as many people (57%) said they believe it will have a negative impact on the cost of their holidays.

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