The Fair MoneyTM  loan decisioning engine is powered by Equiniti Pancredit, part of the Equiniti Group.

Equiniti Pancredit

Equiniti Pancredit was founded in 1988 to develop market leading applications for the finance industry. The company employs highly experienced staff most of whom have extensive knowledge of both the finance industry and the technologies required to deliver effective, modern software solutions.

Equiniti Pancredit places strong emphasis on quality of development and implementation and was the first technology company in the UK to achieve ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001 and FAST Platinum accreditations, as well as achieving a certified integrated Quality and Security Management System.

Equiniti Pancredit takes pride in its relationship with the community by providing support to local schools and various sponsorships with local amateur and professional sports clubs. We take our environmental responsibilities particularly seriously and are developing a comprehensive environmental policy covering all areas of the business.

Equiniti Pancredit’s capability runs deep and wide. Nowhere else will you find quite the flexibility afforded by Equiniti Pancredit’s solutions, the technical advantage delivered by the enterprise software tools we employ and the breadth of experience and commitment of our people.